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Nexus Contents開發團隊
117.00  元
HK$ 99.45  

  • 叢書系列:Self Learning-English
  • 規格:平裝 / 248頁 / 17 x 23 cm / 普通級
    Self Learning-English

  • 語言學習 > 英語 > 生活英語會話





      You look fly! (你看起來像蒼蠅?)

      We just clicked. (我們剛才有點滑鼠嗎?)

      I wish I could Tivo it. (我真希望我可以…Tivo它?)









      You look fly!


      No No No! 我是說「你很帥」啦∼

      We just clicked.



      I wish I could Tivo it.







      1.?? ?精選100句超道地美國口語會話。美國年輕人天天在使用的流行用語,以輕鬆、有趣的口吻,詳盡解說每句對話的含意與用法,讓你真正搞懂美國人在說什麼!

      2.?? ?比較字典原意與口語衍生含意。學習新鮮口語用法,同時也複習字典中的單字原始意思,互相對照、比較,正式用語和口語會話一起掌握!

      3.?? ?搭配對話練習完整掌握用法。除了生動解說,另外搭配兩到三組對話練習,更加熟悉使用這些街頭用語的情境與狀況,一邊聽外籍老師親口錄音的MP3,練出完美發音!

      4.?? ?全書片語索引隨時隨地輕鬆查找。將書中出現的片語按英文字母順序清楚整理,隨時想複習哪個片語,就能立刻找到片語所在頁面,最具功能性!




    1st Zone 你真是超帥,我超想給你一個讚!

    001? That car is all pimped out!

    002? Word up!

    003? You nailed it! You are the man!

    004? Your laptop is off the hook, dawg.

    005? You look fl y.

    006? Wow, your car is dope, man.

    007? That’s badass.

    008? He will be stoked if he finds out.

    009? Fair enough.

    010? You rule, man!

    011? That was incredible! Michael Jordan is in the zone!

    012? Jack got toned after months of training

    013? This really hits the spot.

    014? He is such a hardass.

    015? Max looks so tick in that suit.

    2nd Zone 我不爽,我就會跟你說不爽!

    016? Don’t front! Or I am gonna kick your ass!

    017? He got arrested for flashing high school girls.

    018? Oops! I just let one rip, sorry.

    019? Are you dissing me?

    020? These shoes are so ghey.

    021? That’s so old school.

    022? Oops! My bad.

    023? Get a life.

    024? The best of the best? My ass!

    025? You are freaking me out, man!

    026? That’s monkey business.

    027? He is really pissing me off.

    028? My dad is in the doghouse now.

    029? You are on thin ice.

    030? This music is so played out!

    031? You guys suck!

    032? Bite me!

    033? This is all f*cked up!

    034? Tom just lost it.

    035? You are just full of it.

    036? Stop bitching.

    037? You are a hater, Jack.

    3rd Zone 一邊玩一邊學英文

    038? Can I xerox your notebook for the finals?

    039? I have the game dialed in.

    040? I am playing hooky tomorrow to go see it.

    041? Everybody! Hit the floor!

    042? Do you mind if I crash here?

    043? Save it, dude.

    044? We can be tight if you give me that tight jacket of yours!

    045? That thug is living large now.

    046? I only hang out with ballers.

    047? I wish I could Tivo it.

    048? I am gonna kick it with Max tonight.

    049? Let’s get down tonight!

    050? Quit clowning, dude.

    051? Chill, man.

    4th Zone 我們的愛情故事

    052? Who was that boy jocking you at the party?

    053? I butt dialed my girlfriend at a club.

    054? Now you are busted!

    055? I think you are totally whipped!

    056? He is cute. Oh, scratch that.

    057? She is my shorty.

    058? I think about you 24/7.

    059? I am straight.

    060? That’s dating 101.

    061? Hit me up on my cell.

    062? We just clicked.

    063? I stay on the grind.

    064? She’s high maintenance.

    065? He sponges off his girlfriend.

    066? I feel bummed since I was dumped.

    067? She doesn’t give a shit about all this.

    068? Joy married Lisa because he knocked her up.

    069? Max is cupcaking with his girlfriend at her house.

    070? I don’t want to be a fifth wheel.

    071? I caught Steve macking on my girlfriend.

    072? I will ring you up here.

    073? May I get your digits?

    074? Henah is all that.

    5th Zone 體驗美國的夜生活

    075? You are totally tripping, man!

    076? Let’s do a lap before we start drinking.

    077? I was rolling in the club last night.

    078? We are not here to beef with anyone.

    079? Bring it! Let me see what you got!

    080? Don’t get smart with me.

    081? I started to hit the bottle at 7 in the evening.

    082? You must be wearing your beer goggles.

    083? My girlfriend helped me go cold turkey.

    084? I don’t remember anything because I was high.

    085? Don’t get scared. He’s only a wanksta.

    6th Zone 不可錯過的最新單字片語

    086? This is how it’s gonna go down.

    087? Let me break it down for you.

    088? Are you feeling me?

    089? Here’s my 2 cents.

    090? I hustle night to the daylight doing a lot of stuff.

    091? He is in the john now.

    092? Try on this wifebeater.

    093? I am jonesing for coffee.

    094? Cut me some slack!

    095? I totally spaced. What did you just say?

    096? He is still in the dark.

    097? Don’t puss out!

    098? Fire in the hole!

    099? I have a bone to pick with you.

    100? I don’t wanna mess around.

    片語索引 Index





      世界變化得很快,以前非主流的文化,現在有可能變成主流文化,每天都有很多流行語出現或是消失,我們必須要熟知這些單字片語,才能夠跟現在美國年輕人溝通。本書是由具有豐富海外留學經驗的nexus contents 開發團隊研究員所編製,裡面收集了十到二十歲年輕人最常用、最新的單字和片語。


    Nexus contents 開發團隊


    其 他 著 作