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126.00  元
HK$ 100.8
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二樓書卷使用細則 二樓書卷使用細則

  • 叢書系列:我識英文
  • 規格:平裝 / 352頁 / 17 x 23 cm / 普通級

  • 語言學習 > 英語 > 字彙/片語/俚語












    Chapter 1 Emotions & Situations 情緒&狀況???? ?

    Formula 01 I’m so pumped about it! 我超興奮的!

    Formula 02 I’m on the verge of tears. 我快哭了。

    Formula 03 What a close call. 好險。

    Formula 04 You made my day. 今天就因為你開心了。

    Formula 05 No hard feelings. 不要有芥蒂。

    Formula 06 I couldn’t care less. 我完全不在乎。

    Formula 07 To my relief, they speak English. 他們會講英文,這讓我鬆了一口氣。

    Formula 08 Best of luck with your future endeavors. 祝你不管投入什麼都順利。

    Formula 09 I was wrong to speak to you in that tone. 我不該用那種語氣跟你說話。

    Formula 10 I can’t help it. 我忍不住。

    Chapter 2 Everyday Activities 日常生活

    Formula 01 It depends. 看狀況。

    Formula 02 I’m all ears. 洗耳恭聽。

    Formula 03 Can you do me a favor? 可以幫我一個忙嗎?

    Formula 04 Is it too late to call it off? 還來得及取消嗎?

    Formula 05 By all means. 當然好。

    Formula 06 Beats me. 我也不知道。

    Formula 07 Make sure you stay in touch. 記得要保持聯絡。

    Formula 08 Thanks a million. 不勝感激。

    Formula 09 Can I take a rain check (on that)? 可以改天嗎?

    Formula 10 Never heard of it. 沒聽過。

    Chapter 3 Love & Relationships 愛情&人際關係

    Formula 01 Don’t turn your back on me! 不要不理我!

    Formula 02 We are meant to be. 我倆是命中註定。

    Formula 03 At no time will I betray you. 我絕對不會背叛你。

    Formula 04 I promise I’ll make it up to you. 我保證會補償你。

    Formula 05 This is a far cry from what you promised. 這跟妳承諾的差太多了。

    Formula 06 I’m breaking up with you. 我要跟你分手。

    Formula 07 I’ve fallen for you. 我愛上你了。

    Formula 08 She’s out of your league. 她是你高攀不起的。

    Formula 09 I will never take you for granted. 我永遠不會把你視作理所當然。

    Formula 10 Will you marry me? 願意嫁給我嗎?

    Chapter 4 Arguments & Disagreements 爭執&不贊同??? ?

    Formula 01 Whatever floats your boat. 隨你高興。

    Formula 02 You’re pissing me off! 你把我惹毛了!

    Formula 03 You asked for it. 你自找的。

    Formula 04 I don’t buy it. 我才不信。

    Formula 05 Give me a break. 饒了我吧。

    Formula 06 Mind your own business. 少管閒事。

    Formula 07 Just leave me alone. 不要煩我。

    Formula 08 Bring it on! 放馬過來!

    Formula 09 We’re pretty far apart on this issue. 我們對這項議題的看法南轅北轍。

    Formula 10 I’m constantly at odds with my boss. 我總是跟老闆意見不合。

    Chapter 5 Commands & Suggestions 命令&建議???? ?

    Formula 01 Get used to it. 習慣就好。

    Formula 02 Cut it out. 請停止。

    Formula 03 Pick me up at the airport. 來機場接我。

    Formula 04 Pull over here. 在這裡停車。

    Formula 05 Don’t drop the ball on this. 這次不要搞砸。

    Formula 06 Don’t be so melodramatic. 不要小題大作。

    Formula 07 Don’t’ burn your bridges. 不要自斷後路。

    Formula 08 Stop beating around the bush. 別拐彎抹角。

    Formula 09 I wouldn’t do it if I were in your shoes. 如果我是你的話,我不會那樣做。

    Formula 10 You should cut down on the sugar in your diet. 你應該減少飲食中的糖分。

    Chapter 6 Work & School 工作&學校???? ?

    Formula 01 I’m determined to get this work done. 我決心要把這個工作完成。

    Formula 02 We are running out of time. 我們快沒時間了。

    Formula 03 Time to hit the books. 該用功K書了。

    Formula 04 I don’t see why not. 我不覺得有何不可。

    Formula 05 What do you do for a living? 你靠什麼討生活?

    Formula 06 It’s still up in the air. 這事仍懸而未決。

    Formula 07 Sorry, I zoned out. 抱歉,我剛剛放空了。

    Formula 08 Keep me posted. 有消息隨時通知我。

    Formula 09 You have no say in this. 這件事你無從置喙。

    Formula 10 I can compromise on other issues. 我可以在其它方面做出妥協。

    Chapter 7 Opinions & Attitudes 觀點&態度??? ?

    Formula 01 This may lead to a problem. 這可能造成問題。

    Formula 02 It’s time for the government to step in. 該是政府介入的時候了。

    Formula 03 It’s a long shot. 機會不大。

    Formula 04 You should count your blessings. 你應該知足才是。

    Formula 05 Don’t try to talk me into it. 別想說動我。

    Formula 06 I’m at a loss for words. 我不知道要說什麼才好。

    Formula 07 It’s not worth it. 不值得這樣。

    Formula 08 You have my word. 我向你保證。

    Formula 09 It would be an uphill battle. 這會是一場苦戰。

    Formula 10 He knows all about sneakers. 他很懂球鞋。

    Chapter 8 Compliments & Approval 稱讚&贊同???? ?

    Formula 01 Your beauty is off the charts. 妳美到爆表。

    Formula 02 You should be proud of yourself. 你應該為自己感到驕傲。

    Formula 03 I’ll take that as a compliment. 我就把這當作讚美囉。

    Formula 04 I’m flattered. 過獎了。

    Formula 05 Your efforts will pay off. 你的努力不會白費。

    Formula 06 I couldn’t have done it better myself. 我親自出馬也沒法做得更好。

    Formula 07 Congrats. 恭喜。

    Formula 08 You’re on the right track. 你的方向正確。

    Formula 09 You look amazing! 妳看起來太正點了!

    Formula 10 That sounds like a great idea. 聽起來是個好主意。

    Chapter 9 Body Parts 身體部位??????? ?

    Formula 01 I’m glad we see eye to eye on this. 很高興我們對此看法一致。

    Formula 02 I can’t take my eyes off you. 我的眼睛離不開妳。

    Formula 03 Where are you headed? 你要去哪?

    Formula 04 Never shoot your mouth off like that again. 以後別再這樣口無遮攔。

    Formula 05 I’m all thumbs today. 我今天笨手笨腳的。

    Formula 06 Keep your chin up. 振作點。

    Formula 07 I’m going to head out in ten minutes. 我十分鐘之內要離開。

    Formula 08 He’s got cold feet. 他臨陣退縮了。

    Formula 09 Stop dragging your feet. 別再拖拖拉拉了。

    Formula 10 I can do that with one arm tied behind my back. 對我來說易如反掌。







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