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  • 規格:盒裝 / 1052頁 / 普通級 / 單色印刷 / 初版
  • 出版地:台灣

  • 文學小說 > > 外國詩

      《島嶼或大陸 ISLANDS OR CONTINENTS》是呼應香港國際詩歌之夜2013而出版的珍貴詩集,由北島、陳嘉恩、方梓勳、柯夏智和馬德松所編,收錄了來自世界各地,如敘利亞、瑞典、菲律賓、威爾斯、南韓、加拿大、緬甸、伊拉克、澳洲、波蘭、西班牙、美國、智利、中國、台灣、香港、澳門等優秀當代詩人的作品,以雙語或三語呈現。



    阿多尼斯 ADONIS-14

    袓國 A Homeland

    詩之初 The Beginning of Poetry

    我怎麼稱呼我們之間過去的一切? How Can I Call What is between Us a Pass?

    彈奏 Music

    詩篇 To the Poem

    在意義叢林旅行的響導 Travel Guide to the Forest of Meaning

    沃瑟.拜麗耶 AASE BERG-30

    伊沃的面孔 The Face of Ivo

    克列瑪德克海溝 The Kermadec Grave

    生下橡膠 birth Rubber

    銜尾蛇 Ouroboros

    透明的龍風箏 See-through Dragon

    沉入 Sink in

    謎團的家園 Enigmat Heimat

    過載 Overcarried

    活兒 Pottering

    洛楓 NATALIA CHAN-50

    飛天棺材 The Flying Coffin

    戀戀風 SARS The Loving Wind and SARS

    感情幹線 Tracks of Emotion

    康慈天娜.告魯茲 CONCHITINA CRUZ-60

    這裡 Here

    優柔寡斷者或拖延症患者的房中半小時 Half an Hour in the House of Indecision or Procrastination

    五行詩 five Lines

    慾望二三事 Two or Three Things about Desire

    來自八方的明信片 Postcards from Here and There

    曼娜.埃爾芬 MENNA ELFYN-74

    鹽 Salt

    威爾斯冰山 Welsh Ice

    埃及的一扇門 A Door in Epynt

    騾子 Mules

    奧爾維多.加西亞.巴爾德斯 OLVIDO GARCIA VALDES-88

    韓東 HAN DONG-96

    一聲巨響 Aloud Noise

    橫渡伶仃佯 Crossing the Lingdingyang, the Lonely Sea

    侍母病 At My Mother’s Bed-Side

    老人 Old Woman

    一些人不愛說話 some People Don’t Like to Talk

    藍藍 LAN LAN -108

    真實 Verite

    詩人無用 Poets Are Useless

    火車,火車 Train, Train

    風 Wind

    釘子 Nails

    李晟馥 LEE SEONG-BOK-122

    出埃及 exodus

    那年秋天 that fall

    歲月的褶皺,記憶的斷層 the folding of time, the dislocation of memory

    新奇啊,新奇,每個陽光燦爛的夜晚 amazing, how amazing it is, every night of the shining sun

    南海錦山 South Sea, Silk Mountain

    添姆.利爾本 TIM LILBURN-138

    黑色茅屋 Black Hut

    成例 Exempla 31

    牛頓,遠控力量,帝國主義 Newton, Force at a Distance, Imperialism

    颯雅.林恩 ZEYAR LYNN-148

    我的心在盤子裡跳動 My Heart Beating on a Plate

    我自己的聲音 My Own Voice

    歸來者 The Returnee

    鯨魚 Whale

    敦雅.米卡埃爾 DUNYA MIKHAIL-158

    戰爭勞苦功高 The War Works Hard

    囚犯 the Prisoner

    缺席理論 The Theory of Absence

    世界的形狀 The Shape of the World

    彼得.明特 PETER MINTER-172

    永不重返一片草地許可 never Return to a Meadow Permit

    在嚴肅的虛無之光中 In the Serious Light of Nothing

    清除草上的雪片 Cleaning Flakes from Grass

    瓦倫廷納 Valentinea

    湯瑪斯.羅瑞茨基 TOMASZ ROZYCKI-182

    咖啡與煙草 Coffee and Cigarettes

    克里奧爾人、麥斯蒂索人 Creoles, Mestizos

    熱帶氣旋 Tropical Hurricane

    被遺忘的地圖 Scorched Maps

    金礦 Gold Mine

    城堡 (我來這裡射擊總統) The Castle (I Come to Shoot the President)

    洞 Opening

    袁紹珊 UN SIO SAN-198

    裸體野餐 Naked Picnic

    咖啡 Coffee

    地下生活 Life Underground

    給二十一世紀的無情詩 Loveless Poem for the Twenty-First Century

    楊君磊 JEFFREY YANG-208

    【水族館】三首 Three Poems from An Aquarium(2008)

    【抒情組曲】一首 One Poems from Lyric Suite

    【耶內考特】兩首 Two Poems from Yennecott

    葉覓覓 YE MIMI-218

    蛾在腋下產卵,然後死去 A Moth Laid Its Eggs in My Armpit, and Then It Died

    越車越遠 The More Car the More Far

    盲目約會把他荒廢 A Blind Date Makes Him Dilapidate

    勞爾.朱利塔 RAUL ZURITA-228

    大海 The Sea













      Ernest Hemingway’s For Whom the Bell Tolls begins with an epigraph by John Donne (1572—1631):

      No man is an hand, intire of it selfe; every man is a peece of the Continent, a part of the maine.

      These lines emerge from over three hundred years of darkness to become a metaphor for human camaraderie and dignity. Today, they refer to the sickness of globalization—and if globalization is what Donne calls a Continent, then poetry must be an hand. Underneath the territory of globalization are the crisscrossings, coexistences, and oppositions of languages, peoples, religions, and civilizations. In a certain sense, it’s poetry, symbolized as the island, independent and proud, which guarantees the spiritual garden of humanity.

      Islands or Continents—this is our theme for International Poetry Nights Hong Kong 2013.

      Hong Kong, an island with its own geography, politics, laws, and culture, provides an international platform for poetry, as well as a platform for international poetry. Running from November 21—27, 2013, and building on the successes of International Poetry Nights Hong Kong 2009 and 2011, IPNHK 2013 is sponsored in part by The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and Hong Kong Baptist University. On top of our readings and panel discussions featuring a diverse range of poets, as in previous years, and our multilingual poetry publications for each participating poet, we are also proud to announce the Poetry on the Tram project, in collaboration with British Council and the European Union, through which we hope to bringpoetry lines onto Hong Kong’s transit lines.

      Additionally, and In cooperation with Shantou University and numerous independent organizations, participating poets will divide into groups for readings across the border, in Guangzhou, Shantou, and Shenzhen, a ripple effect throughout the Pearl River Delta.

      On behalf of the editors, the organizing committee, and friends, I extend our warmest thanks—may poetry, like a constellation of islands, chart forth a renewed and renewing territory.

    Bei Dao

    September 25, 2013, Hong Kong


    其 他 著 作
    1. 歧路行
    2. 時間的玫瑰
    3. 必有人重寫愛情
    4. 城門開
    5. 歧路行
    6. 守夜
    7. 《七十年代》兩卷盒裝
    8. 古老的敵意(二十四本詩選套裝)
    9. 古老的敵意(單本詩選合集)
    10. 給孩子的詩
    11. 暴風雨的記憶
    12. 詩歌與衝突(單本詩選合集)
    13. 詩歌與衝突(二十二本詩選套裝)
    14. 詩歌與衝突 (單本詩選合集)
    15. 詩歌與衝突 (二十二本詩選套裝)
    16. 給孩子的詩(限量禮品裝-簽名版)
    17. 給孩子的詩:北島選編
    18. 給孩子的詩:北島選編(幣裝)
    19. 美味的學習之夜 3完
    20. 七十年代 續集
    21. 島嶼或大陸
    22. 美味的學習之夜 1
    23. 美味的學習之夜 2
    24. 在天涯:北島詩選 (台灣進口)
    25. 波動
    26. 古老的敵意
    27. 詞與世界 WORDS AND THE WORLD
    28. 詞與世界(二十本詩選套裝) WORDS AND THE WORLD
    29. 過冬
    30. 暴風雨的記憶(1965-1970年的北京四中)
    31. 你是人間的四月天
    32. 城門開
    33. 另一種聲音:香港國際詩歌之夜2009
    34. 守夜
    35. 藍房子
    36. 青燈(新版)
    37. 七十年代
    38. 青燈
    39. 時間的玫瑰
    40. 午夜之門
    41. 在天涯:北島詩選